Where to Sit, Stay and Play in San Diego

July 16, 2017 Editor 2

It’s summer in Southern California and that means pups and their people are looking for the coolest places to chill out. We sent our tiniest travel correspondent, Boogie Shoes, on assignment to San Diego to […]

The SNIP Bus Makes Pet Care Easy

July 16, 2017 Editor 0

Imagine taking your pet on a two-hour bus trip to see the nearest veterinarian, only to discover you can’t afford the preventive care or treatment your pet needs. This is the reality for many residents […]

Oh No, I Taught My Dog …

July 15, 2017 Editor 0

We never intend to teach our dogs to be wild animals, but somehow it happens. You bring home this cute little puppy, and when that puppy sees you, it gets so excited and that melts […]

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