Monday, May 27, 2019
Woofie at Pup Scout

Where to Sit, Stay and Play in L.A.

It’s no secret that pets and their people love to visit the Palm Springs area to soak up the sun, kick back and recharge...

Remembering Fiona

When Valerie Masi, owner of Best Paw Forward, met a litter of English Mastiff puppies in Morongo, CA she took a long time to...
Palm Desert Poodle Walk, Nov. 2017

Poodles! As far as the eye can see!

During “season” here in Coachella valley, one can see the most unusual things: Canadians observing the speed limit, a festival dedicated to tamales, camels...
Dotty in wheelchair

Disabled Pets Get the Help They Need

Who among the pet-loving community does not want their dogs to live forever? When pets start experiencing the effects of aging, or become disabled...
Sauder's Coffee Table Pet Bed

There’s a Dog In Your Coffee Table

During the summer, Pet Companion Magazine takes a team to cover the massive annual SuperZoo pet product convention in Las Vegas.  We scour the...
Happy dog

The Best of Dog Times

It’s human nature to get sentimental about the past. When we imagine dogs’ lives 100 years ago, what likely comes to mind are idyllic...


AutoDogMug, the squeezable water dispenser for pets on the go, made by

Pet Rescue Center, Inc.

If I were to mention The Pet Rescue Center to you, you’d probably ask “which one?” If I said, “The one in Coachella,” you’d...

Pet Platter

The Original Mine ™ Pet Platter sent us a great interactive feeding dish to share with our readers.

The Nose Knows

Scent. Every individual has their own unique scent that is as different from person to person as fingerprints. Humans can’t distinguish individual scents. We are...