Saturday, November 17, 2018

earthbath’s Tushy Wipes

earthbath’s Tushy Wipes are specifically designed to gently clean and neutralize the odors in this delicate area.
Red & grey quilted carriers


Pet-Trek’s new wheeled carrier is ideal for the pet parent who is always on the go, loves to travel with their dog or cat...


Puffsters® from Loving Pets are low fat, 10 calories per treat, guilt-free, 100% made in the USA, air-puffed treats. The 100% all natural Puffsters® are...

NEON Litter

Okay, fine, your cat won’t really care about the neon colors, but imagine the fun you’ll have cleaning the litter box with this bright...

NoBowl Feeding System™

The NoBowl Feeding System™ is the world’s first indoor hunting system and is changing the way that cats everywhere get their food. Designed by...


AutoDogMug, the squeezable water dispenser for pets on the go, made by

Pet Platter

The Original Mine ™ Pet Platter sent us a great interactive feeding dish to share with our readers.
Hear Doggy! Flats

Win One!

Congratulations to the winner of the Hear Doggy! Flats Giraffe! Watch for new giveaways in the future. Hear Doggy! sent us a great toy to...
KATRIS Lynks cat scratchers


KATRIS Lynks cat scratchers are only slightly bigger than most regular cat scratchers, but more powerful in durability, shred-resistant material, and functionality. They are...


Easy-to-use squeezable water dispenser for dogs on the go. Fill it with water and bring it along in the car or on hikes. It...