Saturday, December 15, 2018
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Hidden Household Hazards

Pets look at the world from a completely different perspective than their humans. Lacking the ability to reason out their actions—and designed with the...

Doggie Defense Class

Have you ever witnessed or thought about if while walking your dog, or perhaps even when your dog is in your yard, an off-leash...

Triple Digits

by Brittany Yates

The Importance of “Leave It!”

The LEAVE IT cue teaches the dog self-control and impulse control. The world is full of unsafe items and situations. How do we teach our...

Understanding Coyotes

For many of us, coyotes are the most recognizable wild mammals in the Coachella Valley. Whether they instill anger, fear, admiration, or just interest,...

Disaster Preparedness Tips

by Gail Cutler

Rattlesnake Season

Spring is here and, with the change of the season, our snake popultion becomes more active. Here are some quick tips: Spring is the...